Junior Section

Junior Section

The Junior Section is for boys of school year 5-7; aged 8 to 11 years of age.

The eight year old is an established individual, looking to try new adventures and activities. He is usually one of a group of friends, although many still like to explore some interests on their own.

The Junior Section offers a lot of support and encouragement. The programme is a full and varied one, typically lasting one and a half hours with a few if any individual activities lasting more than ten minutes. There is certainly plenty of variety and little chance of becoming bored!

Lots of Physical activities, crafts, games and competitions usually undertaken in groups rather than on an individual level to avoid exposing any lack of skill in an individual.

The award programme in the Junior Section is specifically designed to encourage a boy to look beyond himself. Many are interested in one type of activity – perhaps sports, or natural history. Our special programme provides such interest and at the same time gently urges them to try others of a different type.

The young boy has a world to discover, and early concentration on one small aspect can mean that much is missed in life. This is the time for a balanced all round programme – which includes spiritual and social input, as well as physical and adventure activities.

Here’s what we like to do:

  • Team games
  • Competitions & quizzes
  • Bible stories with drama, quizzes and crafts
  • Arts & crafts

Would you like to be a Junior Section?
Junior Section meet once a week during the winter months.