Company Section

The Company Section is for boys in school year 8-10; aged 11-14 years old and the boys enjoy getting away from the hassles of school for one evening a week. It’s a great place to make friends with boys from other in your area.

The boys will meet on a Monday evening at 7:45pm in Room 1 which is upstairs in the New Halls of Ballynure Presbyterian Church.

The boys are required to wear the BB uniform and bring PE kit for games. Uniforms may be purchased at Steadfast Supplies, BB House, May Street, Belfast; the shop will be open on weekdays and from 9 am to 1 pm on some Saturdays in September and October.

There is an annual enrolment fee of £20 per boy (and £10 for a second boy) which covers the cost of fees to the BB centrally and equipment which we need over the year. Parents, it would be appreciated greatly if you would return the enrolment form and enrolment fee as soon as possible.

The Company Section allows individuals to take part in the activities and the decisions. A chance to make ones own point, a chance also to remain one of a group. A chance to build friendships, a chance to make mistakes that will not be thrown back at them, where skilled staff support can present challenges fitted to the individual. Successfully achieving one challenge is great practice for the next.

Here’s what we are into:

  • Making friends
  • Learning about how God is relevant to us today
  • Going on camp and activity weekends
  • Sports – volleyball, netball, unihoc, 5-aside football, etc..
  • Learning new things like First aid, car maintenance, a new sport

Boys earn badges by taking part in various activities each week.